Finance company is revolutionizing the new loan market

In today’s society, there is a large selection of online loans regarding mortgages, quick loans, SMS loans and borrowing without UC. There are many loan options available, but it can take a long time to do a thorough investigation on which loan and lender would be the most optimal for their own situation.

Fairlend Finance is an online service in the financial sector that helps thousands of consumers to compare loans in the Swedish market in several international markets. The company was started in 2014 in Denmark by Andres Kinde and Steff Racela. The company is growing rapidly and is now among the market leaders in Sweden and Denmark.

Focus on consumers

consumer credit

The company saw an opportunity to meet the growing trend by making it easier for borrowers to avoid being cheated by loans with high interest rates and hidden costs.

Fairlend Finance is a free service that compares the market’s fast loans so that the borrower can easily decide for themselves which loan is the most attractive according to their own needs. They can then click on one of the borrowers to apply for and complete their loan.

As the name implies, Fairlend Finance is developed for the borrowers, so that they get a clear picture and a thorough overview of their opportunities in an impartial way. The company’s vision is to help people find the most advantageous, risk-free loan, without intermediaries taking advantage of the situation.

Digitization makes the loan market more transparent

loan market

They strive to make the loan market a more transparent, accessible and risk-free environment for consumers to apply for loans. Digitization has meant that the Swedish loan market has become increasingly transparent, giving the borrower the benefit of being able to choose lenders for information, terms and specific benefits.

Fair-loan’s online comparison service makes the individualized loan more easily accessible to the borrower. Loans with hidden costs and high interest rates become a priority and competition between lenders becomes tougher, which creates better prices for opportunities for consumers.

Julie Jenson, Swedish Country Manager at Fairlend Finance, says that “There is a need to be able to borrow via their own computer, with having conditions and other information gathered in one place. Therefore, with Fairlend Finance it is easy to compare and get an overview of lenders in the Swedish loan market ”.

Different loans for different needs

Different loans for different needs

Consumers can easily tailor their own loans depending on their financial situation on Fairlend Finance’s website. There you can find different types of loans such as SMS loans, quick loans or to consolidate all existing loans into one.

Fairlend Finance also has many loan options for consumers with payment notes, which makes it possible for temporarily unemployed or sick people to receive loans. On the service you can also search among several options regarding borrowing money without UC. It can be advantageous to collect all their quick loans into a large loan with lower interest rates. It will also be easier to set up a sustainable repayment plan if you should only keep track of a loan.This and other loan-related questions and information can help Fairlend Finance.