The Components of Auto Credit – Car Loans

You are now decided to buy a new vehicle, and to take out a car loan to finance it. But do you know how this borrowing mode works? Mastering all the components of the car loan can indeed allow you to make great savings when confirming your purchase. The specifics of car credit Because of its specialization, auto credit imposes…

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Car loan with remaining amount.

admin / February 20, 2020

A car loan with the remaining amount can be taken out at many Agree or savings banks. Most car banks, which are affiliated with the car dealerships, offer such a loan to their customers. Due to the fact that the remaining amount of car loan has some peculiarities, the decision for or against this form of car financing should be…

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What conditions apply to loans?

admin / February 13, 2020

  If you want to borrow money, you must take into account all kinds of conditions. There are conditions that you as a consumer must meet. But also conditions that apply to the loan itself. These conditions depend on the loan form that you choose. Which loan do you choose? If you want to take out a loan, you can…

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Self-employed car loan.

admin / February 8, 2020

But what to do if the budget available does not offer the opportunity to buy a car. This can have negative consequences, especially for the self-employed. Because finding customers or suppliers on site as required proves to be very difficult without a mobile base. In this context, a car loan for the self-employed can help. A car loan for the…

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Take a cheap loan and get the money right away

admin / February 5, 2020

Sometimes wages can feel too far away, and especially if you have sudden expenses that need to be extinguished. If for some reason you are in need of money right now and are well aware that you have a good enough finances to pay back the money, it can benefit one to take out a loan. Depending on the type…

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A loan fund focused on liquidity

admin / January 12, 2020

Senior loans and the related ETFs that invest in these can meet the storms created by rising interest rates while maintaining a fixed income profile. There are some liquidity problems that go along with this corner of the bond market. This time we are looking at a A loan fund with a focus on liquidity that can offer a solution…

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The market for loan brokerage continues to grow

admin / January 1, 2020

In recent years, the number of private loans in Sweden has increased significantly. At the same time, figures show that one in five Swedes are open to switching banks – a development that has led to the full-blown loan brokerage market. According to a report from SvD from 2017, the largest loan intermediaries in Sweden grew by around 45% between…

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